Why Comfort Frame IWI

The UK has the oldest housing stock in Europe. 5 million are social & affordable homes.The sheer scale of the retrofitting task is huge. 2 homes per minute need to be retrofitted to meet the 2050 net zero target. Home de-carbonisation needs to be delivered at a scale never seen before. Accelerate energy efficiency with Comfort Frame’s scalable IWI solutions.

The Comfort Frame IWI Safeguard System


The Comfort Frame IWI systems are unique, decoupled from the existing structure preventing the transfer of moisture. The walling system is highly resistant to mould / damp and does not encourage the growth of bacteria or funghi.

Containing only A1,A2-S1 d0 materials, the Comfort Frame IWI Safeguard system is defined as having limited combustibility and will not develop smoke or promote flame spread, even when directly exposed to fire. The system can be used in situations where limited combustibility is required such as apartments over 18m or 11m according to the geographical area.

The unique non-directional structure of the stone wool insulation, which is more dense than traditional insulations, effectively reduces airflow and therefore sound transmissions. The boards combine gypsum, cellulose fibres from recycled paper, and water to form a dense sheet material that has superior rigidity, durability and mechanical strength so offers excellent sound transmission reduction. The dense construction of the board reduces the amount of noise that travels through walls into other areas. This results in a system that offers excellent sound dampening, across a wide range of frequencies.

The Comfort Frame IWI system has been designed to address the challenges posed by the potential of condensation and interstitial condensation. The Comfort Frame IWI Modular Walling System is not fixed to the existing structure, it is completely independent so prevents the passing of moisture via a thermal bridge (screws/brackets etc). The self- adhesive breather membrane provides an airtight seal whilst allowing the structure to breath, the high thermal performance of the system keeps the heat in.

Both Comfort Frame IWI systems  are highly resistant to moisture, our Safeguard System panels do not absorb water or hold moisture. Our core materials actively repel water and do not rot, corrode, sag, lose shape, or promote fungi and bacterial growth. Our systems are therefore considered suitable for use in intermittently damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

A typical redbrick solid walled property will offer approximately 2.09w/m2k of resistance to heat loss, the internal heat, raises the temperature of the solid wall allowing the heat to escape. The installation of our Comfort Frame system can improve the thermal resistance of the combined wall to 0.30w/m2k, an improvement of over 80%. The heat is contained within the property by the combination of the IWI panels, the airtight vapour control membrane and the low e cavity, the outside wall remains cold, the inside wall remains warm.

The Comfort Frame systems have been designed to minimise waste through innovative design and are manufactured using the latest nesting software to ensure waste is minimal. Our systems use materials that are recyclable during and at the end of use which can then be transformed into new products. We transport only the materials required to complete the installations reducing the impact on the transport network.

Our Panels use board materials that are free of formaldehyde and binding agents, making them ideal for creating a healthy indoor climate in residential and working areas. A naturally occurring mineral component in the board material absorbs and reduces air pollutants to improve indoor air quality. The Comfort Frame IWI systems provide an airtight, warm, clean, hardwearing, energy efficient, installation that improves the health and wellbeing of everyone within.

Our IWI systems are ready for decoration immediately after installation, no wet trades are required. The unique manufacturing process creates a finish which is smooth to the touch and does not require plastering, special sealers, or treatments so a traditional paint system can be used. Alignment of the surface is guaranteed by fabrication tolerances of just +/- 2mm and the quality of the point cloud data survey ensuring panels fit with a minimum of adjustment.

We visit site to produce a survey via traditional measuring or point cloud survey, a 3d model of the property and each elevation is then produced. The panels are fabricated to the model, a build order is produced for each elevation, the system is then packaged and delivered in build order per elevation. All the hard work is done in the factory, the system can now be installed by semi-skilled labour following the build order requiring only minimal hand tools. Our system can accept tolerances of 100mm horizontally and 35mm vertically, so cutting to fit is not required. Typically, a one-bedroom apartment can be completed including decoration in just 3 days.

Our panels have a surface Brinell hardness rating of 35N/mm2, compared with standard gypsum plasterboard at typically 18N/mm2.The unique, exceptionally hard surface of the board protects the boards from scratches and damage, yet is smooth enough to decorate direct without the need for surface treatments.The innovative design of the steel frame, tolerance components and high- performance materials result in the Comfort Frame system removing the need for pattresses, noggins or secondary supports. Kitchen units, pictures, flat screen TV’S can all be mounted on the wall in any location without the need to locate the studs.