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At Comfort Frame, we are certified experts in Internal Wall Insulation specialising in two key areas: residential and non-residential projects.

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We ensure our client’s needs are met through enhancing thermal efficiency and lowering energy costs with our customised solutions that offer a fire-performance rating suitable for use in structures above 11 meters. We cater to diverse sectors such as improving social housing quality, preserving heritage buildings, optimising educational and healthcare facilities, and revamping public sector buildings.

Social Housing

Our market leading, modular solution to improve thermal efficiency and remove damp, mould and condensation provides a warm, safe and comfortable environment for those on a waiting list for Social Housing.

‘Hard to treat’ is not a phrase within our vocabulary; Tower Blocks, Non-Traditional buildings & Victorian Terraces are all typical Social Housing archetypes to have benefited from the Comfort Frame treatment.

Heritage Buildings

Preserving the charm and character of heritage structures while upgrading their energy efficiency demands careful consideration. Our discreet Internal Wall Insulation systems protect against dampness, mould and condensation maintaining historical integrity with precision.

Educational & Healthcare Facilities

The comfort and well-being of occupants in educational and healthcare settings are paramount. With our expertise, we provide efficient thermal insulation to maintain comfortable temperatures and healthy indoor air quality.

Public Sector Buildings

From government offices to community centres, our certified Internal Wall Insulation systems play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency and occupant comfort. With our proven track record and commitment to quality, we deliver tailored solutions that meet stringent requirements, ensuring long-lasting performance and value.

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