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Thermal upgrade your housing stock.

Accelerate the transition towards Net Zero with our maximum performing & minimum disrupting Internal Wall Insulation systems. As a value for money retrofit solution, Comfort Frame will save on residents heating bills and mitigate against the risk of damp, mould & condensation.

Whether a housing association, local authority, or private landlord, Comfort Frame’s innovative off-site manufactured systems deliver enhanced thermal efficiency for your homes which can be demonstrated by improved EPC ratings.

With a typical elevation taking just one day to install, our Internal Wall Insulation system is non-invasive for tenants therefore no need to decant whilst works progress which offers significant time and cost benefits as a scalable energy efficiency measure.


Keep the heat you pay for.

Prevent heat loss by insulating your walls to improve the energy efficiency of your home. By minimising your energy consumption, we can help reduce your bills by up to 70% per annum.

Our modular systems are configured as an end-to-end solution, bespoke to the dimensional requirements of your property. With minimal waste and no cutting on-site, we aim to minimise the impact of our presence to ensure a smooth and stress-free installation.

Durable and rigid, Comfort Frame’s panels have been rigorously tested to ensure heavy items (TV’s, Kitchen cabinets etc) can be hung directly with normal fixings without the need for secondary supports.

Where traditional IWI systems require plastering or taping & jointing, both very slow and messy operations, the Comfort Frame system requires a 2mm joint to be filled and lightly sanded after which the wall will be ready for decorations.


Become a trusted partner.

Comfort Frame’s Internal Wall Insulation Systems are quick & easy to install. By focussing on the customer journey, our Systems are suitable for all property types and can be installed whilst tenants remain in situ. This non-invasive approach is unique when compared to traditional IWI methods which can be both time consuming and disruptive.

We recognise a collaborative approach is necessary to deliver retrofit at scale, and are therefore proud to offer an Accredited Installation training scheme to drive growth.

Looking to expand your product portfolio? We’re keen to engage with a network of installation teams nationwide to mobilise quickly and help deliver vital decarbonisation and energy efficiency measures to those who need it most.


Design & Specification assistance.

As the go-to manufacturer of Internal Wall Insulation, we focus on the detail and take great pride in providing a personal touch throughout the specification process.

Our systems are engineered with end-user requirements embedded within the design, ensuring the highest level of performance are maintained throughout the life of the system, without deterioration.

We’ve developed an offsite manufactured solution tailored to optimise thermal resistance, improve air tightness, manage the transition of moisture, and mitigate thermal bridging.

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